Save Money And Make Your Home Owner Happy

As conscientious builders of people‚Äôs dream homes, you work very hard to keep air vents clean even though there is no code regulation preventing debris from accumulating in the duct lines. Some builders screw down pieces of wood over the vent holes, while others try to tape over them.  These methods are time-consuming and, at best, temporary in that: 

  • inspection of the boot seal is prevented if vent is covered 
  • tape generally tears during construction 
  • when floor finishers (carpet, hardwood, or tile installers) prepare to install, they must remove covers

Builders attempt to clean the floor ducts upon completion of construction but you can draw out only about 30% of the debris since during the time of construction the debris migrates to areas that cannot be reach.  

Protect Against Dust & Debris 
By installing Vent Defender 
just after HVAC rough-in, or prior to renovations or remodeling jobs, you can prevent your ducts from being polluted with dust and debris. Your ducts will remain clean and protected until the project is complete. Simply remove any debris, vacuum and remove Vent Defender to reveal a pristine duct system.

Deep is Better
The Vent Defender is designed to fit in the bottom, round part of the boot of your air duct system, practically unnoticeable to workers. This "deep" installation will help prevent removal and/or accidental dislodging of the protective barrier. Don't try to change the habits of your workers on the job site; they will continue to sweep debris into the vents, just protect the home HVAC system by preventing the debris from entering the HVAC system.

Easy to Install and Reusable
The Vent Defender is easy to install and remove, taking only a couple seconds to squeeze into place. Our "1 size fits all" is made to fit 5", 6", 7" & 8" openings. No need to throw them away after your first use, Vent Defender can be used on your next projects.

Economical & Eliminates the Need for Duct Cleaning
The Vent Defender will be smallest cost on your construction budget. Avoid the expense of costly duct cleaning services by installing Vent Defender immediately after HVAC rough-in.

Peace of Mind
Rest assured that the home owners will not be calling you with complaints of dust build-up on furniture or respiratory problems due to dust accumulation in the HVAC system.

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