Breathe Clean, Clear Air

Eliminate the typical respiratory symptoms associated with new home construction, renovations and remodeling.

Millions of new homeowners and building occupants suffer from respiratory symptoms, even to a critical point, from what some say is an unknown cause. This syndrome is known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). The United States Environmental Protective Agency (EPA), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Safety Council have all labeled SBS as having ‘no identifiable cause,’ yet the creators of the Vent Defender believe the major contributor to SBS is the debris caught in the HVAC duct lines during construction.

There is no code regulation to prevent debris from accumulating in the duct lines during construction. When construction is complete and the HVAC system is activated, a cloud of dust and pollutants are ALWAYS seen billowing from every air vent.  

Defend your air vents from debris with Vent Defender

As hard as your contractor may try to clean the air vents after construction, only 30% of the dust and debris is removed because it has migrated to areas that a shop vacuum cannot reach. The rest remains in the ductwork to wreak havoc on the homeowners. Preventing debris from ever entering the vents is the best possible solution. That is exactly what the Vent Defender does.

Peace of Mind

Know that your air ducts are clear of dust and debris, protecting your HVAC system and your family


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